XXI Simpósio de Mirmecologia

An International Ant Meeting

1 a 5 de dezembro de 2013


A more detailed schedule can be found on the "Downloads" webpage (see PDF file "Program" and "Detailed-PROGRAM")


A1 (8h30 - 9h): "Nous les fourmis", a series of short films in which animated ants explain their lives (C. Peeters & N. Phansua - Kantep Studio). Film 1: "Lone Hunters" (8"); Film 2: "In the beginning, a Queen" (9"); Film 3: "Very large families" (8"). Presented by Christian Peeters

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A2: (8h30 - 9h): "Curso Formigas do Brasil", an introduction to the newly created ant course designed primarily for Brazilian students (graduates/undergraduates) whose research responsibilities require a greater understanding of ant taxonomy, ecology and field research techniques. Emphasis is on the biology, ecology, classification and identification of ant genera occurring in Brazil. This course integrates the ambitious project "Formigas do Brasil" (Ants from Brazil), which aims to make a complete survey of the Brazilian ant diversity. Presented by Fernando Augusto Schmidt


Plenary talks (PT):

PT 1. Colony foundation strategies in ants: alone or in a group? (opening lecture). Dr. Christian Peeters, Université Pierre et Marie Curie - France

PT 2. The phylogeny and evolution of ants - Dr. Phillip S. Ward, University of California at Davis - USA

PT 3. Collective decision-making in social insects - Dr. Jean-Louis Deneubourg, Université Libre de Bruxelles - Belgium

PT 4. Genes and social environment jointly affect ant behavior - Dr. Laurent Keller, Université de Lausanne - Switzerland

PT 5. A long-term career in myrmecology - maximizing benefits and harnessing opportunities - Dr. Jonathan Majer, Curtin University - Australia

PT 6. Mammal predation on ants in Africa versus Australia and its consequences for ant communities - Dr. William J. Bond, University of Cape Town - South Africa

PT 7. Historical biogeography shapes community ecology: savanna ants in northern Australia - Dr. Alan Andersen, CSIRO's Tropical Ecosystems Research Centre - Australia

PT 8. AntWeb and the demography of ant research - Dr. Brian Fisher, California Academy of Sciences - USA




Round-table sessions (RT):

RT 1: Exploring the frontiers of knowledge in ant evolution. PALESTRANTES/SPEAKERS: Márcio Roberto Pie (UFPR - Brazil), Corrie Moreau (Field Museum of Natural History - Chicago - USA), Seán G. Brady (Smithsonian Institute - USA)(canceled), Maurício Bacci Jr. (UNESP - Brazil)

RT 2: Mechanisms of community assembly in ants: contrasting evidence from different ecological contexts. PALESTRANTES/SPEAKERS: Scott Powell (The George Washington University - USA), Flávio de Carvalho Camarota (UFU - Brazil), Nathan J. Sanders (University of Tennessee - USA), Elizabeth Pringle (University of Michigan - USA)

RT 3: Physiology of ants: morphology and genomics. PALESTRANTES/SPEAKERS: José Eduardo Serrão (UFV - Brazil), Dihego Oliveira Azevedo (UFV - Brazil), Maria Izabel Camargo Mathias (UNESP - Brazil), Elaine Cristina Mathias da Silva Zacarin (UFSCar - Brazil), Luiza Carla Barbosa Martins (UFV - Brazil)

RT 4: Biodiversity inventories and characterization of the ant community structure. PALESTRANTES/SPEAKERS: Maurice Leponce (IRSNB - Belgium), John T. Longino (University of Utah - USA), Rogério Rosa da Silva (Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi - Brazil), Sérvio Pontes Ribeiro (UFOP - Brazil)

RT 5: The importance of integrative studies involving taxonomy, ecology and ethology. PALESTRANTES/SPEAKERS: Cléa dos Santos Ferreira Mariano (UESC/CEPLAC - Brazil), Ted R. Schultz (Smithsonian Institution - USA), John T. Longino (University of Utah - USA), Ronara de Souza Ferreira (UFLA - Brazil)

RT 6: Beyond winged queens and workers: morphology and evo-devo to study the diversity of ant castes. PALESTRANTES/SPEAKERS: Christian Peeters (Université Pierre et Marie Curie - France), Roberto A. Keller (Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência - Portugal), Mathieu Molet (Université Pierre et Marie Curie - France), Johan Billen (Catholic University of Leuven - Belgium)

RT 7: Beta diversity: advances on causes and application for conservation. PALESTRANTES/SPEAKERS: Carla Rodrigues Ribas (UFLA - Brazil), Heraldo Luis de Vasconcelos (UFU - Brazil), Nathan J. Sanders (University of Tennessee - USA), Fabrício Beggiato Baccaro (UFAM - Brazil), Fernando Augusto Schmidt (UFLA/UFV - Brazil)

RT 8: Effects of human disturbance on seed dispersal by ants. PALESTRANTES/SPEAKERS: Inara Roberta Leal (UFPE - Brazil), Alan Andersen (CSIRO's Tropical Ecosystems Research Centre - Australia), William J. Bond (University of Cape Town - South Africa), Laura Carolina Leal de Sousa (UFPE - Brazil), Ana Gabriela Delgado Bieber (UNICAMP - Brazil)

RT 9: Foraging strategies in ants. PALESTRANTES/SPEAKERS: Arrilton Araujo de Souza (UFRN - Brazil), Ana Maria Matoso Viana-Bailez (UENF - Brazil), Andy Suarez (University of Illinois - USA), Rosa Gabriela Castaño Meneses (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México - Mexico)

RT 10: Ant-parasitoid interactions. PALESTRANTES/SPEAKERS: Luciana Elizalde (Universidad Nacional del Comahue - Argentine), Donald H. Feener Jr. (University of Utah - USA), Omar Eduardo Bailez (UENF - Brazil), Patricia J. Folgarait (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes - Argentine)

RT 11: Ants as predators: a behavioural ecology approach/perspective. PALESTRANTES/SPEAKERS: Arrilton Araujo de Souza (UFRN - Brazil), Lorenzo Roberto Sgobaro Zanette (UFC - Brazil), Nádia Barbosa do Espirito Santo (UNICAMP - Brazil), Nicolas Châline (Université de Paris 13 - France)

RT 12: Use of ants for bioindication. PALESTRANTES/SPEAKERS: Sérvio Pontes Ribeiro (UFOP - Brazil), Carla Rodrigues Ribas (UFLA - Brazil), Ricardo Ildefonso de Campos (UFV - Brazil), Jonathan Majer (Curtin University - Australia)

RT 13: Direct and indirect effects of leaf-cutting ants on plants. PALESTRANTES/SPEAKERS: Inara Roberta Leal (UFPE - Brazil), Karine Santana Carvalho (UESB - Brazil), Paulo Sávio Damásio da Silva (UESB - Brazil), Heraldo Luis de Vasconcelos (UFU - Brazil). 

RT 14: Multidisciplinar studies on Brazilian Poneromorph. PALESTRANTES/SPEAKERS: Jacques Delabie (UESC/CEPLAC - Brazil), Gilberto Marcos de Mendonça Santos (UEFS - Brazil), Marco Antônio Costa (UESC - Brazil), Danival José de Souza (UFT - Campus de Gurupi - Brazil), Rogério Rosa da Silva (Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi - Brazil)

RT 15: This species is mine! Adventures and misadventures of the taxonomist minority. PALESTRANTES/SPEAKERS: Rodrigo dos Santos Machado Feitosa (UFPR - Brazil), Fabiana Cuezzo (INSUE - CONICET - Argentine), Carlos Roberto Ferreira Brandão (MZSP - Brazil)

RT 16: Control of pest ants and invasion processes. PALESTRANTES/SPEAKERS: Ana Eugênia de Carvalho Campos (Instituto Biológico - Brazil), Andy Suarez (University of Illinois - USA), João Batista Fernandes (UFSCar - Brazil), Roxana Jossens (Universidad de Buenos Aires - Argentine)




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